Winter Offers a Different Discovery Experience

October 11, 2021
October 11, 2021

Winter Offers a Different Discovery Experience

Winter is still a few months away. At Pine Canyon, a private golf community in Flagstaff, Arizona, we’re just starting to see the aspens turn to gold and snow won’t begin to fall for a while. 

But, when it does, it seems everyone wants to experience it. That’s why it makes sense to think ahead and book a Discovery Experience for later this year, now. 

A Discovery Experience at Pine Canyon allows visitors to live like owners for a couple of days — to take in every facet of this exclusive community in a fully immersive way. It includes indulgent culinary experiences, relaxing spa treatments, intimate opportunities to learn about the real estate here, and, in the winter, it allows visitors to appreciate this snow-covered, alpine landscape to the fullest.

Inside our well-appointed Club Cabins, the luxury cabins used by guests during Discovery Experiences, visitors can start the day slowly by taking time to cozy up to the fire and enjoying every last drop of coffee while appreciating a magnificent view of the snow-capped San Francisco Peaks in the distance. It’s in those quiet moments when guests can take the time to truly imagine what life would be like with their own place at Pine Canyon, a community with luxury homes that reflect Arizona architecture and embrace indoor-outdoor living.

Because here, seasons change. And when they do, so does the landscape and the opportunity to appreciate it. 

The spring at Pine Canyon is beautiful and the summer is a welcome escape from the heat at lower elevations, but as the fall eases into winter and trees transform to stunning golden canopies against the contrast of the Ponderosa pines, Flagstaff becomes an entirely new environment. 

It’s during this time of year that you’ll trade in golf shorts for a puffer jacket and swimsuits for warm socks, gloves, and knit hats. On hikes, by snowshoe or by boot, your cheeks may appear rosy from the chill instead of the sun — and possibly a combination of both.

Because in Arizona, we see more than 300 days of sunshine a year, spreading the beautiful weather across all seasons regardless of the temperature. 

That weather allows us to explore the outdoors year-round, from downhill skiing at nearby Arizona Snowbowl to cross country skiing across miles of forest trails throughout the Coconino National Forest at the Nordic Village. And trails that are explored in tank tops and shorts, by foot or by mountain bike, during the summer months take on a new challenge in the winter when traversed by fat tire bike or with the assistance of hiking poles to get through a different type of terrain.

Put simply, a different season introduces a different experience, which is why it’s important to visit Pine Canyon at different times throughout the year, especially if you’re considering building or purchasing your own home within the community.

Our Discovery Experiences give guests two full days and nights to try Pine Canyon on for size. And the hospitality that comes with those visits is an experience in and of itself. 

It is present the moment a reservation is made and carried throughout every step of the stay, from check-in to check out, and that’s by design. A sense of hospitality fosters a warm feeling of belonging, essentially extending the spirit of the community to anyone who visits. 

To feel that hospitality, and to experience the joys of a new season, reserve your Discovery Experience for this winter, today.

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