Winter Adventures in Flagstaff

December 22, 2021
December 22, 2021

Winter Adventures in Flagstaff

Searching for a Winter Wonderland? Flagstaff is a premier destination for fun winter activities to enjoy winter sports and all things snow!

Whether you are a Pine Canyon member, an Arizona local, or someone new to the area who is wanting to have some fun in the snow, here are some great options for you and the whole family to enjoy!

Arizona Snowbowl
Featuring an average snowfall of 260 inches, Arizona’s first high-speed 6- person lift, and diverse terrain, it’s no wonder that almost every weekend is a busy one at Snowbowl. If you can, try to plan your visit on a weekday or very early in the morning to avoid traffic along Highway 180.

Visit a Local Coffee Shop
For such a small town, Flagstaff gives you and the family an impressive local coffee scene. Kickstand Kafe, Firecreek Coffee Company, and White Dove Coffee, just to name a few. These cozy independent shops have much better value than your typical coffee stores, not to mention a great place to warm up after a long day on the slopes!

Arizona Beer Month
If you are new to Flagstaff, know that we love our beer! February, also known as Craft Beer Month, is a perfect time for both craft beer enthusiasts and those just starting to develop an ale-loving palate, to experience this annual event.

Pinecone Drop
Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Thousands gather in the streets of Flagstaff for the countdown into the New Year and the lowering of the Pinecone followed by a brief firework show!

Join the festive street party atmosphere at the corner of Aspen Avenue and Leroux Street in downtown Flagstaff.

Lowell Observatory
If you don’t look up, you just might miss it. Check out the instrument that helped Clyde Tombaugh discover Pluto, and peer through telescopes! You and the family can tour the observatory and experience the universe through multimedia shows, interactive exhibits, and live presentations.

So, whether it’s the Pinecone Drop countdown, an afternoon on the lifts in Arizona’s official Winter Wonderland, or trying some of the best beer in town, Flagstaff has what you’re looking for this winter season.

Download our Winter Guide and discover what winter feels like at Pine Canyon.