Time To Change Up Your Bag

September 25, 2020
September 25, 2020

Time To Change Up Your Bag

Golf hit pause earlier this year, as did most everything. And it stung, biting a bit harder at communities and clubs, like Pine Canyon, that have their own championship golf course.

Keeping the clubs in the bag is never a desired thing.

But, after its brief hiatus, the game has come roaring back. Industry reports indicate rounds played have increased dramatically, as compared to previous years, and equipment sales are setting new records.

Golfers are hungry to play. And, they’re looking to change up what’s in their bags.

The more you play, according to experts, the more inclined you are to invest in equipment, which is likely fueling sales numbers the industry hasn’t seen since the late 90s. Reports indicate shoes, balls, and apparel are coming in second place to clubs. Woods, irons, and wedges are where most golfers have focused their attention when it comes to equipment purchases. 

Is there a better indicator of an investment in the game than an investment in better equipment?

New woods, irons, or wedges have the ability to shave strokes off a round and have the potential to improve the playability of a round, both of which makes the 19th hole that much more enjoyable. One of the best parts of the hospitality-focused interactions Pine Canyon’s golf team has with members day in and day out is the anecdotal exchanges they engage in, discussing the course’s condition and how a certain club performs.

The banter comes with the territory, sure, but it could also help members looking to upgrade clubs, which experts at Golf Digest suggest doing every 3-5 years to keep pace with technological advances. Faster, more forgiving clubs are out there, and Pine Canyon’s club team is happy to assist in the search.

Because, we all love the game. And, we all love it a little bit more when it’s nice to us.

To see how Pine Canyon elevates the game, learn about our championship golf course.