The Value of a Trusted Guide

December 15, 2021
December 15, 2021

The Value of a Trusted Guide

A home is, without debate, the biggest purchase most people make in their lifetimes. Understanding the gravity of that truth, it would stand to reason that most people would welcome well-researched and experienced guidance from a variety of sources throughout the house-hunting and home buying process.

It’s common for those in the market for a home to seek advice from family, friends, co-workers, real estate professionals and — in the era of social media — the masses.

That need for trusted guidance is part of the reason Symmetry Realty Brokerage is embedded within Pine Canyon, a luxury golf community offering owners an indulgent retreat in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona. Its location and its experienced professionals offer Pine Canyon buyers and owners a unique type of relationship, one that goes beyond a transaction and embraces a long-term commitment to the community and its valued clients.

And nothing can be more trusted than experience. At Symmetry Realty Brokerage it is that experience that illustrates the value of the guidance being offered. What exactly does that experience look like?

So far in 2021, Symmetry Realty Brokerage has been involved with at least 60% of the transactions, topping $57.7 million at Pine Canyon at a time when inventory is tight. That percentage captured the largest share of the sales for the community and provided the team with invaluable intel on sales prices and market values for a community that saw $191 million in sales volume in 2020 and has seen the average sales price for homes increase by nearly $400,000 since 2018.

And the expertise at Symmetry Realty Brokerage doesn’t stop at Pine Canyon’s luxury homes. It extends to the community’s breathtaking homesites, offering exclusive opportunities to build custom or semi-custom alpine homes on parcels that range in size from one-third of an acre to 1.5 acres. 

With that kind of space comes creative possibilities for indoor-outdoor living areas and custom touches that make the most of the community’s mountain landscape.

Symmetry Realty Brokerage is so well versed in Pine Canyon homesites, it exceeded $20 million in sales in homesites alone in 2020. That experience means its team understands the transaction details of the purchase process, while also understanding what an owner will need from a homesite — from views to space to positioning — in order to build the refuge that inspired their purchase. 

Guidance from a trusted partner, within the community, makes the purchase process smoother, more enjoyable, more reassuring, and more informed. And since the purchase of a home or property is often the single largest purchase someone can make, those details are important.

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