The Joys of Four-Season Living

April 12, 2021
April 12, 2021

The Joys of Four-Season Living

Elevation can be a game-changer. Pine Canyon, an exclusive golf community in Flagstaff, Arizona, would know.

Its elevation, at about 7,000 feet, allows for tee shots to hang a split-second longer, offers great views of the San Francisco Peaks, and provides an environment that offers four distinct seasons, which can’t be said for other parts of the state.

In Arizona, seasons are a novelty.

Where the desert reins, spring, and fall are usually fleeting, while summer lingers and winter brings with it a mixed bag of dry or “wet” seasons where a chilly day is rarely cooler than 60 degrees. It means indoor-outdoor living can be somewhat restricted during certain times of the year. 

But in the mountains, things are different.

Arizona is one of those states where uncomfortably warm temperatures can be left behind in favor of a cooler retreat in a matter of hours. Those in search of refuge can trade a cactus for an evergreen with a quick road trip, and those who like a little more permanence and predictability can invest in a retreat, like the luxury cabins at Pine Canyon, to be sure they have the opportunity to experience the joys of every season whenever they want to. 

Because there’s magic in falling snow, changing leaves, summer thunderstorms, and waterfalls fed by the spring snowmelt. That’s what we get to experience at Pine Canyon.

In the fall, we embrace brisk afternoons colored by a canopy of golden aspen trees, enjoying mountain trails, fresh apple cider, and a rainbow of changing leaves. Winter brings with it snow and mittens, as nearby mountains earn their whitecaps, and coffee or hot cocoa warms our hands after a day of play, outside.

Spring, and its snowmelt, feeds our waterways, replenishing the ground and fueling the growth of wildflowers, particularly spectacular across the open spaces we enjoy across Flagstaff. And summer, potentially the darling of all the seasons, nears perfection here. It’s when we lose hours to outdoor play, from golf to hikes to bike rides and lazy afternoon picnics.

And it’s when we know another season is just around the corner. It may be why, at Pine Canyon, we enjoy each season to its fullest, knowing change is always on the horizon. While we’re known for our championship golf course and our luxury retreats, which seem to beckon loudest when temperatures begin to climb in hotter parts of the state, we know there is an appreciation for the full spectrum of seasons we have the privilege of experiencing in Flagstaff.

Here, we actually get to use our fireplaces. And, in warmer months, we keep our windows open longer, allowing that fresh mountain air to create a welcome breeze through our homes.

Pine Canyon is actually a retreat in every season, offering a place to get away to something new any time of the year. It’s a community where our luxury cabins fit seamlessly with the landscape around them and our hospitality-focused amenities cater to every indulgence, no matter the season.

Consider your own escape, any time.

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