Meet The Team

RJ Yeager

Director of Housekeeping

An Oklahoma native, RJ Yeager honed his professional talents while working within Santa Fe, New Mexico’s distinctive resort and hospitality industry.

His well-earned a reputation for quality is a result of developing and managing definitive housekeeping processes that ensure the highest standards for cleanliness and efficient customer service. RJ has applied these successful techniques at resort properties ranging in size from 200 buildings to more than 3,200 room-accommodations. He has overseen housekeeping procedures for hospitality properties with such varied experiences that range from rustic cabins to dorm settings and full resort guest rooms to event and conference facilities.

RJ brings those quality services and programs to Pine Canyon club operations. He strives to lead his team to ensure all members and guests receive memorable experience that is a perfect complement to Pine Canyon’s family-forest community.

RJ and his wife, Haley enjoy Flagstaff’s many outdoor activities and are avid hikers, campers and rock climbing enthusiasts. He is also a clever reptile and nature photographer.