Premium Play Is Our Specialty

August 9, 2021
August 9, 2021

Premium Play Is Our Specialty

At Pine Canyon, we might be known for golf. Since we offer a rare, hospitality-infused round from our first tee box to our final island green, we’re okay with that.

Golf isn’t just a game here, where our Jay Morrish-designed course guides members through lush fairways that follow Flagstaff’s incredible alpine terrain. Here, golf is an experience.

Our championship course, offering players one of the best places to golf in Flagstaff, is one enjoyed by every level of player — from young to old, casual to pro. Yes, that means our members can score a birdie on the same Par-5 that PGA pro-Adam Baddeley does. And it means our members try to avoid the same hazards and read the same breaks as tour players Ryan Moore and Nate Lashley do.

Pine Canyon is where the players play, from the PGA and beyond, including active and retired athletes from the NFL, NHL, and MLB. Pitchers, running backs, coaches and left wings exercise different muscles here, on one of the most exclusive and picturesque Flagstaff golf courses.

This Flagstaff golf community, with its focus on balance, exploration, indulgence and play is a refuge for everyone — regardless of their background, their profession or their experience on the links.

Cushioned by the area’s towering Ponderosa pines, the course plays against the unmatched backdrop offered by the San Francisco Peaks and runs alongside natural habitats for local wildlife, including roaming elk, curious deer, and spectacular birds of prey. Golf at Pine Canyon is an opportunity to connect with the scenery, immerse yourself in the environment, appreciate the crisp, clean mountain air and leverage the elevation — enjoyed by many off the tee box for that split-second of additional hang time that comes with playing 7,000 feet above sea level. 

As one of the top-ranked golf courses in Flagstaff, we take pride in our connection to this community’s roots, which is why our tee boxes are rail ties salvaged and integrated into the course as a reminder of how Flagstaff earned its place on the map. What began as a railroad town has endured over the decades, and at Pine Canyon players feel that especially at our unique midway grille — Morrish Station — a modern, on-course eatery fashioned from a historic rail car.

The championship golf course at Pine Canyon is a place for players to disconnect from everything in favor of reconnecting with a game, with relaxation, with the mechanics of their swing, with friends and family, and with a luxury experience that won’t soon be forgotten. And as a private course, Pine Canyon members can discover that connection and fine-tune their game as often as they’d like. Golf is just different in the mountains.

At Pine Canyon, we specialize in premium play. We’d be happy to show you how.

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