Outside, Five Ways, at Pine Canyon

May 5, 2020
May 5, 2020

Outside, Five Ways, at Pine Canyon

Pine Canyon is, without question, an outdoor community. The homes here bring the outdoor environment around them in, and the luxuries of indoor living spaces out. As the seasons change, and the weather warms, opportunities to explore also shift.

Sweatshirts are shed for tees and boots are swapped for trail runners or water shoes. We know of an endless number of ways to get outdoors in our community, but during a spring-like, we’ve never had—with new rules for socializing and limited patios to patronize—we’ll stick to just five ways to connect with the outdoors right now.

Because besides being outdoor-lovers, we’re also practical rule-followers.

Sneak out at night

On a clear night, there is no better show than Flagstaff’s night skies. Here, the Milky Way is visible with the naked eye, and meteor showers dart in the darkness for anyone to see. The invigorating, cool mountain air after hours is just an added bonus.

Visit Lake Mary

There is a certain peace to the calm waters of Lake Mary. And, it’s so close. Take a field trip to drop in a line, paddle a kayak or simply set up a chair for the sunset, a time of day that may also entice wildlife in the area.

Take a swing

Our golf course is open and there is no better place to lose yourself for a few hours than by swinging your way through 18 holes. We’re even allowing members to rent a cart for the entire season to help keep everything as clean and sanitary as possible.

Hideout on the deck

Mornings here still allow you to grab a sweatshirt or snuggle in a cozy blanket, especially if you take your coffee outside. Indulge in the sounds, sights, and smells of the season by taking a slow morning to yourself, outside. If you’re super motivated, lace up your sneakers and take your coffee to go.

Go for a drive

This is window-down weather, no doubt. Carve out some time to explore some places you might not ordinarily see, like Flagstaff as it’s empty and quiet. Or, cruise down 89A to enjoy an amazing drive along an incredible stretch of highway, even if you’ve already done it. It never gets old.