Morrish Station Offers Opportunities for Indulgence

October 21, 2020
October 21, 2020

Morrish Station Offers Opportunities for Indulgence

In every round of golf, there comes a point where hunger calls louder than the next tee box. It’s a noisy, internal speed bump that should probably be answered to finish the round with any focus or strength.

That’s why Morrish Station is at the turn at Pine Canyon. Just behind the ninth hole, this luxury mountain community has created a unique on-course café that captures the nostalgia of Flagstaff’s railroad past while offering inspired, modern culinary indulgences.

We’re looking at you, warm, iced cinnamon rolls. You can almost taste them just by thinking of them. And those gooey treats are just the beginning of a sit-down or grab-it-and-go menu.

Inside that historic Santa Fe Railroad caboose, players will find the opportunity to fuel up on buttermilk biscuits and gravy or grab a chicken chorizo-green chile-avocado breakfast burrito to go. In fairness, the Cowboy Breakfast Sandwich, held together by Texas toast, is also good on the run.

As the day grows older, the offerings get heartier. Like, “smoked for 13 hours” hearty.

That’s part of the secret to the brisket sandwich, along with its dry rub, its fontal cheese, its honey mustard slaw, its BBQ sauce, and its ultimate delivery on a griddled roll. It will probably require extra napkins, even if you aren’t taking it on the cart.

That’s right. You don’t have to have a tee time to be able to enjoy Morrish Station. It’s not just for golfers.

Other extraordinary features on the menu include the Catfish BLT and the Cattle Drive Chili, perfect for a late-day round, bringing together slow-cooked beef tenderloin, black beans, cheese, and scallions in a savory beer-tomato stew.

Any way you slice it, on the course or at the café, Morrish Station serves up delicious food, exceptional hospitality, a link between the past and present, and an unbeatable view of the course and the incredible landscape that surrounds Pine Canyon.

It’s a part of Pine Canyon created just for Pine Canyon — which means the energy, the food, and the spirit of Morrish Station, named after Pine Canyon’s golf course designer Jay Morrish, can’t be experienced anywhere else. 

It’s uniquely part of the Pine Canyon experience. And, besides answering the noisy call of hungry golfers, that’s part of the idea. 

Craving one of Morrish Station’s cinnamon rolls? Schedule a Discovery Experience to give it all a try.