Homesites Get You Closer To Your Refuge

May 10, 2021
May 10, 2021

Homesites Get You Closer To Your Refuge

Every home starts from the ground. It’s easy to look past that detail when you’re looking at homes that are already built, are finished with premium touches, and are ready for your next escape.

But they all start from a vision.

At Pine Canyon, a private golf community tucked into the Ponderosa pines of Flagstaff, Arizona, our homes begin with a desire for a luxurious refuge in an environment that offers a natural balance.

And for those who want to build that escape from the ground up, that desire turns into a walk — or several walks — over and through homesites offering a range of possibilities, from spectacular views to inspired architectural design that caters to indoor-outdoor living. While your shoes might get a little dirty, those walks make room for fresh ideas for a custom mountain retreat, designed with only you in mind.

By their very nature, homesites come with a host of potential. They allow for flexibility because maybe you’re not quite ready to build, but you’re ready to buy where you’re going to build in the future. Homesites offer you the luxury of time. Buying now ensures it’s here for you later.

They offer you an opportunity to work with the builder or architect of your choice. Our custom homesites give you options, allowing you to assemble your own team and make sure your retreat looks and feels just as you had imagined. 

And they allow you to create the type of spaces you saw in your mind’s eye when you began thinking about building a mountain retreat. You’re not tied to a floorplan, but you are able to design a space that optimizes function and pulls the outdoors in, creating enviable indoor-outdoor living spaces in a place where the landscape won’t be ignored.

Most of all, a homesite represents the beginning of an investment in the future. Whether you build on it or decide to sit back and watch its value mature, a homesite here has growth potential. Its purchase moves you one step closer to building, too.

And when you do build, you’ll really begin to see the return, even if you couldn’t possibly entertain the thought of ever selling. Pine Canyon’s property values have increased by nearly 35% over the past three years, further punctuating the desirability of our exclusive community.

But, between that original vision and the ultimate return on value is that walk, across and through Pine Canyon’s homesites. It’s during those walks that you can visualize optimal opportunities for seeing wildlife from the deck you haven’t yet built or prime potential for evenings spent in the backyard and mornings spent out front, coffee in hand, chatting with neighbors.

Seeing the homesite brings you that much closer to experiencing the vision you originally had. And at Pine Canyon, we’re happy to take that walk with you.

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