History Behind the Names of Our Club Cabins

February 20, 2019
February 20, 2019

History Behind the Names of Our Club Cabins

Step outside of the Club Cabins at Pine Canyon and it’s impossible to miss the incredible views that surround you.  Towering pines provide a canopy for the wildlife below it, including elk and deer, and in the distance stands a cluster of mountain peaks often topped during winter with snow.

The Club Cabins, luxury retreats designed to offer space to Pine Canyon owners or prospective residents, have a connection to those peaks. Each of the cabins, which feature three distinct living areas to be used together or individually, is named after those peaks on the horizon.

Humphreys, the first of Pine Canyon’s two Club Cabins, pays homage to Humphrey’s Peak, which is the highest natural point in Arizona. Reaching 12,637 feet, the peak is visible throughout Flagstaff and beyond, climbing above the clouds and serving as a de facto mile marker for visitors who are driving into Flagstaff from the north and south on I-17.

The Humphrey’s Cabin Tour:

A dormant volcanic peak, Humphrey’s is tucked inside the Kachina Peaks Wilderness area which is nestled in the Coconino National Forest. It is named after a U.S. Army general and it’s the only alpine-tundra environment in the state.

So, it’s unique, just like its namesake cabin, which offers its guests an opportunity to feel and experience every element of Pine Canyon – including its neighboring landscape.

The Rees cabin, next door to the Humphreys cabin, is also dedicated to the San Francisco Peaks in the distance, a collection of mountain peaks that the Navajo tribe refers to as a summit that “never melts” or a mountain peak that “never thaws.” Rees Peak, a sibling of sorts to Humphrey’s Peak, climbs 11,474 feet and is named after a “health seeker” turned rancher turned elected official.

The Rees Cabin Tour:

As a community that aims to be a refuge for the human spirit, we understand why Mr. Rees turned to the peaks in his quest for a healthier life. The mountains and the vibe that filters through Pine Canyon can more aptly be felt than described.

And that’s exactly why we invested in the Club Cabins, to give more people an opportunity to taste life at Pine Canyon. To experience it yourself, plan a Discovery Visit by calling 928-779-5700.