A Summer Refuge for Families

July 12, 2021
July 12, 2021

A Summer Refuge for Families

It’s sometimes hard for kids to understand that the grown-ups in their lives don’t have the entire summer to play, like they do. It’s difficult to imagine, at a young age, that seemingly endlessly long summer days are only reserved for childhood.

At Pine Canyon, we serve that spirit of play in the most family-friendly ways because our exclusive golf community — tucked into the pines of Flagstaff, Arizona — is designed as a refuge for every member of the family. From our premium amenities to our accessible excursions and adventures to one of the best kids’ summer camps in Arizona, we speak summer vacation in a language everyone can understand. 

Play. Adventure. Escape. It’s all available at Pine Canyon.

We understand the challenges and desires that come with raising a family. We understand because we’re raising our own, which is why we plan social gatherings, develop amenities and offer activities that are inclusive to all ages, from holiday celebrations to recreation. And if you want a little refuge from the kids, we offer that, too. 

Camp Pine Canyon, an on-site Flagstaff summer camp unlike any other, allows parents to navigate the expectations they have for summer (which might include remote work) while also allowing Pine Canyon’s youngest members to play in ways that meet their expectations for summer (which likely includes a few dozen turns down the waterslide). Beyond swimming, Camp Pine Canyon offers organized activities, crafts, swim, golf and tennis lessons, sports camps, movie nights, and fishing.

Put simply, Camp Pine Canyon ensures that the youngest members of Pine Canyon sleep well every night and that their parents have the freedom they need or want during the day.

And at Pine Canyon, we never let a holiday go by uncelebrated. We find ways to introduce a festive spirit at every opportunity and, more often than not, it’s accompanied by a chance to support a philanthropic cause. Because we know our community is part of a bigger one.

That means we indulge in sparklers, ice cream sundaes, live music, and maybe even a dog parade for the Fourth of July. And throughout the year, we come together to celebrate a new year, to hunt for colored eggs, and to tell Santa what we’re wishing to see under our trees.

We do it all because childhood is fleeting and our community was designed to be a refuge for the human spirit — regardless of age. And that refuge offers a safe, indulgent place to kick back, embrace a carefree mindset and play until it’s time to reapply sunscreen.

When the sun goes down, we gather for s’mores, we tell stories and we soak in the starry night sky. We plan the next day’s adventure, we retell all the details of the day we just spent and — while staring at Northern Arizona’s brilliant stars — we’re reminded of how lucky we are to be able to enjoy these moments together, as a family.

To learn more about Pine Canyon’s family-friendly atmosphere, reach out to one of our team members.

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